Voyager Sound (tm) is now offering one of our premium software packages as an evaluation. Simply download the EXE file and install.

This is a PC program.

Support for this Voyager evaluation product is as follows:

The documentation for this evaluation product is complete, and can give you an amazing amount of power in the MIDI domain. All documentation is contained in the install and available separately on our WEB site.

Any support for this evaluation product is limited to those users who write to Voyager Sound Inc., PO Box 115 Weston MA. 02493 (USA). Please include your Email address when submitting, you will contacted.

Voyager Sound is a member of the MIDI Manufactures Association (MMA). The Voyager ID is stamped on all SYSEX MIDI.

This is an evaluation program only and any commercial use is subject to the licensing agreement setup with Voyager Sound Inc. Patent and copyright protection applies.

Download evaluation Version